When a brain is working well it needs to be flexible and adaptable to a constantly changing world, the people we meet and situations that happen. When our brain is using automatic pathways that it isn’t looking to see if they are relevant to what is happening now (based of things it has learnt in our past) it becomes inflexible, and down right exhausting. It causes us to constantly look for threats and a need to control people and situations. This is just impossible in the world we live which leaves us further stressed and our brains further struggling. symptoms include anxiety, depression and negative thinking 💥Neurofeedback brain training allows the brains natural ability to learn and change (neuroplasticity) to teach it new healthy pathways that are relevant to the moment, not a past long gone. This allows a well functioning brain to be flexible and resiliant to lifes stresses. When your brain is working at its best anxiety, depression, negative thinking, brain fog, poor focus, poor memory to also be a thing of the past.💥💥💥 When your brain works well, you work well and your life works well. It really is that simple.

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