NeurOptimal neurofeedback trains the brain via a process called neuroplascity. When your brain isnt working at its best it uses automatic neurological pathways that aren’t looked at to assess whether they are appropriate to the moment. These pathways often lead to negative thinking, anxiety and depression, brain fog, poor sleep and other symptoms of poor mental health. Neuroptimal neuro feedback ensure the brain looks at the pathways that it is just about to take in the moment and assess whether they are appropriate. When given the correct information the brain will always take the most energy effecient route thus allowing it to form new healthier pathways. This trains a brain to become calmer, more flexible and resiliant to lifes stresses allowing better mental health. These changes will release symptoms of a rigid brain like negative obsessional thoughts, ocd, ptsd, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. A healthy brain works well even with the stresses of life without feeling overwhelmed.

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